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Birthdate:Jun 9
Website:Scribbler's Fiction
[personal profile] scribblerfic was originally designed to post my fan fiction as it progresses, as well as another place to publish finished works. Nowadays, nearly everything of what I post here will be finished fiction. None of the published works will be locked, so being granted access is not needed to read my stories. However...

Any locked (WIP) fiction I may post here is likely to be far from finished. As such, awkward phrasing, typos, grammatical mistakes and my (in)famous misuse of homonyms are going to be rampant. Don't pay too much attention to those; such errors can wait until the final stage of editing when I bring out the fine-toothed comb (though, if I start sending Rohirrim Riders off across the plane, you might want to alert me :-)).

Access and subscribing policy
Since the works-in-progress posted here are not yet suitable for the general public to read, those posts are only available for people who have been granted access. I have no rigorous requirements for access, though. If I've interacted with you in the past, and you're curious about my drafts, sign right up! If you're new to me, please drop me a line to explain how you found me and why you want to have access. Note that all finished fiction will be publicly available, no access necessary.

Frequency of posts
Muses are fickle creatures. That means that some days you can expect numerous posts, with weeks of thunderous silence in between. This cannot be helped. Unfortunately, it also means that at times your reading list can drown in WIP-posts. To prevent this from happening you can take [personal profile] scribblerfic off your Default View filter here (reading filters not yet available on Dreamwidth) and use Tracking instead to be informed about new posts. Tracking also has the advantage that you can choose specific tags for subjects you want to be notified about only, such as "fandom: supernatural" or "fic: lord of dunland". You can find the list of tags in use here.

Current WIPs
Current WIPs are too many to mention, really! I have far more plot bunnies hopping around than I have time to write stories for, and some may never see the light of day.

Published Fiction
So-called published fiction is available to all; it isn't access-locked (and if it's up to me, it never will be). You can find a specific story by using its title-tag, or by browsing the memories to find something in a specific fandom, a specific setting or about specific characters.

Stories are rated using a three-tiered system. All ratings are determined using general Dutch cultural values for what is or is not appropriate for a certain age. These values may differ from your own.

General audiences
These stories contain no objectionable content and are safe for all age levels.

Teen audiences
These stories may contain mild objectionable content or stronger themes. They are inappropriate for young children but appropriate for teenagers.

Adult audiences
These stories will contain content not suited for younger readers and deal with adult themes like sex and/or violence. A specific rating warning is issued upon accessing these stories. Reader discretion advised.

Warnings (if applicable) will be assigned using AO3's system of having four major categories (graphic violence; major character death; rape/non-con; and underage), and Choose not to warn (for some content) in cases where warnings would spoil the story. "Warnings: none" means none of those four warnings listed above are applicable, but you're still cautioned to proceed at your own risk as the four warnings do not cover all items any individual reader may find objectionable. Other warning tags are optional, and will be assigned on a case-by-case basis.

Other places to read
I also publish my stories at, my fandom-specific personal archives (with a handy-dandy RSS feed for story announcements) and I'm in the process of uploading my whole body of work to An Archive Of Our Own.

Transformative Works Policy
All my stories can be used for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: translations, podfic, remixes, sequels, meta, reviews, and commentaries, under the following conditions: that the resulting work will be released under a similar policy and for non-commercial purposes only, and that the original work is and remains attributed to Scribblesinink.

In other words: you don't have to ask in advance, but please do give me credit for the part of the work that I did. I'd also appreciate a link to the resulting work(s).

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