scribblerfic: Tig 'n Kozik (soa tig kozik)
Title: Semper Fi
Author: Scribblesinink
Rating: Teen

: Tig, Kozik,
Content notes: Mentions of drug use and addiction.
Word count: 27,100
Author notes: Part of the Two Brothers series, exploring (among other things) the past history of Tig and Kozik's friendship. Thanks to Tanaqui for beta-editing

Summary: Tig has dedicated his life to the Sons, and the club comes first, always. But when an old buddy needs his help, he suddenly finds his loyalties are divided.

Tig stayed close on Clay's heels as they followed a young One-Niner through a maze of filthy rooms. )
scribblerfic: Sam and Dean having a beer (spn have a break)
Title: The Lost Ones
Author: [personal profile] scribblesinink
Rating: Teen
Characters: Sam, Dean, OCs. Includes Tolkien Orcs.
Warnings/labels: Child abuse, oblique references to rape and cannibalism
Word count: 25,500
Author notes: Set in Season 3, after 3.04 Sin City. Possible spoilers for anything that came before. Written for the Case Story Big Bang. Make sure to check out the amazing art Deadflowers5 made for me! Many thanks to Tanaqui for handholding, plotting assistance and beta-editing.

Summary: With less than a year to live, Dean is worried about his brother. Sam seems determined to stop at nothing to break Dean's deal, no matter the consequences. And then there's the doubt Azazel planted in Dean's mind: is the Sam who was brought back still fully his brother? When Sam persuades Dean to check out a seemingly routine case involving hikers disappearing in the Cascades, Dean finds his worst fears are apparently about to come true....

History passed into legend; legend became myth; and myth turned into fireside tales for children.  )
scribblerfic: Cali and Mr. Wolf from The Kill Point hold each other at gunpoint (kill point cali and wolf at gunpoint)
Title: The Getaway
Author:[personal profile] scribblesinink
Rating: Adult
Characters: Wolf/Chloe, Albert/Ashley
Warnings/labels: Schmoop, smut, angst, AU
Word count: 36,937
Author notes: Fixit fic, because the canonical ending left me dissatisfied. Some lines of dialog originally written by James Demonaco. Eternal gratitude to[personal profile] tanaqui for cheerleading, sounding board duties and general plot assistance, as well as beta-editing.

Summary: Three days into the hostage siege at the Three Rivers Trust, Wolf and his men finally manage to escape the police cordon.

Jake shut the door to the conference room behind him, the click loud in the heavy silence. )
Author: [personal profile] scribblesinink
Rating: Adult
Characters: Jake, Heather, Beck, Constantino, others
Warnings/labels: Dark themes; (references to) physical and sexual violence
Word count: 40,000
Author notes: This story is part of Awesome!Jakeverse, the shared post-season 2 verse being written by Scribbler ([personal profile] scribblesinink) and Tanaqui ([ profile] tanaquific). Sequel to Tanaqui's No Good Deed; also fills the "Journeys & Quests" square on my [ profile] cliche_bingo square. Thanks to [personal profile] tanaqui for editing services.
ETA: Ack! I fail at the internets. In the rush of finally being able to post "Devil's Due", I totally forgot to thank a Very Important Person for her invaluable help: [ profile] sgafan, who made sure that all the scenes including horses sound like, well, scenes including actual horses of flesh and blood.... All remaining mistakes are mine, of course.

Summary: Constantino once again has Jericho in his sights. In a race against time, Jake and Beck must bury their differences to protect the people they care about.

The second glass of whiskey that Mary had poured for Heather sat forgotten on the bar. )




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