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Over the years, I have posted fic in various places. Currently, the only two places where you can find all my stories is my own private archive (link leads to an overview of fandoms I've written for), and Archive of our Own (does not include original stories).

As of May 2009, when Dreamwidth went to open beta, I decided to set up a fic journal here too. No Dreamwidth account? You can still comment anonymously, or use your LJ (or other provider) OpenID.

I'm also posting at fanfiction.net, and some of my work has been archived on my LJ fic journal as well, but since I made Dreamwidth my new home, that's no longer being updated.

Dark Angel

Brothers In Arms (Alec, Biggs, 10,000 words, General)
Something I found hidden on my hard disk. Like all Manticore escapees, Biggs has to decide where his loyalties lie in their new, free world.

Few Options

Reality Check (Frank/Helen, 1,000 words, Adult)
Missing scene. After twenty-two years, all Frank wants to do is leave the past behind and start a new future.

Full Circle (Frank, Helen, 100 words, General)
Inspired by Tanaqui's Starting Over. Helen has never given up hope that, one day, her path might cross Frank Connor's again.


Held In Trust (Duke, Audrey, 750 words, Teen)
Episode tag for Tanaqui. After Audrey sets Duke up to kill Harry Nix and put an end to his Trouble, Duke's pretty upset. But not for the reasons Audrey thinks.

A Bride For Duke (Audrey/Duke, 6,000 words, General)
Duke Crocker thinks he has life just the way he wants it—until those around him start meddling. Written for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship


Most of my Jericho stories are set in Awesome!Jakeverse, the shared post-season 2 verse being written by [livejournal.com profile] tanaquific and myself.

Missed Opportunities (General, Jake, Heather, 2,700 words)
On the way to Black Jack, Heather isn't sure if she wants to hear what Jake finally has to say to her.

Thunder Road (General, Jake, Jonah, 1,000 words)
Jake meets Jonah for the first time.

Green, Green Grass Of Home (General, Jake, Chavez, others, 7,300 words)
After he's delivered the bomb to Texas, there's only one thing left that Jake desperately wants: to go back home to Jericho.

Home Brew (General, Jake, Heather, others, 6,500 words)
Sequel to Green, Green Grass Of Home. Upon his return from Texas, Jake learns more about the changes in Jericho that happened during his absence.

Bird Without A Song (Adult, Jake/Emily, 1,000 words)
Continues on from Home Brew. Emily is happy to have Jake back after his return from Texas, and Jake has a sudden insight.

Back To School (General, Jake, Emily, 1,000 words)
Missing scene set between 1.17 One Man's Terrorist and 1.18 A.K.A.. Emily needs something to distract her from Roger's forced departure.

By Any Other Name (General, Beck, 100 words)
Like symbols, names have a power of their own. A short explanation about how Camp Delaware got its name.

SNAFU (Just Like Always) (Teen, Jake, 1,700 words)
Nobody Jake meets in Iraq much wants to be where they are or where they're going. When he runs into a party of Marines, he realizes that everyone else at least knows where they'd rather be. Crossover with The Kill Point: Jake meets Jake.

Be All My Sins Remembered (Teen, Jake/Heather, 1,600 words)
It’s nearly twenty years before Jake finally finds the courage to tell Heather about Saffa. Set in Spring 2024.

New Horizons (General, Jake/Heather, 3,080 words)
There are sights in Kansas that few ever get to see. When Jake takes Heather on a little trip, she gains a whole new appreciation of her home state... and of the man she fell in love with. A slightly schmoopy Jake/Heather futurefic.

Jake ♥ Emily (Adult, Jake/Emily, 2,900 words)
The first time is never as good as you'd like it to be. Jake, Emily, Roadrunner backseat...

No Quarter (Adult, Constantino/Jake, 2,900 words)
By the time Hawkins blows up the munitions factory and storms the New Bern jail, Jake has been moved to another location. There, Constantino stops at nothing to get the answers he wants. Warnings: darkfic AU, non-con, m/m rape.

Mimi Clarke's Seven Tips For A Better Sex Life (Teen, Heather,Mimi, 1,700 words)
While satisfying her own curiosity, Mimi gives Heather some pointers on how to handle Jake and make sure their sex life doesn't grow stale.

Not So Different (General, Jake, Stanley, Mimi, 1,400 words)
Stanley learns that true love surpasses everything, even genetics. A sequel to Tanaqui's If Y = X then…..

Always "Be Prepared" (Adult, Jake/Heather, 1,500 words)
One rainy Saturday afternoon, Jake unwittingly takes Mimi's advice to heart, much to Heather's surprised delight. Until they hit an unexpected snag.... Sequel to Mimi Clarke's Seven Tips For A Better Sex Life and Tanaqui's Honest And Indecent.

The Harder You Try (Teen, Major Beck, 1,100 words)
In spite of Major Beck's best efforts, things are going from bad to worse, and the murder of John Goetz will bring everything to a head. Even so, Beck feels obliged to give Jericho a last chance. Second person POV narration for [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo.

Lucky Man (General, Jake/Heather, 1,600 words)
Jake Green is a lucky man: he has a wife that knows him better than he knows himself. And she has a surprise for him.

A Twist In The Tail (General, Jake/Heather, 2,700 words)
Jake only wants to make sure Heather will be safe, but his act-first, think-later tendencies have gotten him into trouble more than once. And when he decides to bring her home a surprise, Heather's response isn't quite what he expected.
This is the troublesome little story that coined the term "puppyfic": a story which hassles you and beseeches you with big eyes to write it, because it's such a good idea—and then runs around uncontrollably and piddles all over the floor until you're at your wits' end. Eventually, with a lot of patience and work, it can be made to sit, stay, and possibly even fetch, and impress people with how charming it is. (Definition by [personal profile] tanaqui)

Tipping Point (Teen, Beck/Jake, 2,400 words)
Cold, hungry, out of luck and out of funds, Jake faces a hard choice when a stranger in a bar makes him an offer he thinks he should refuse. First story in the hooker!verse AU.

A Waste Of Time (General, Jake/Heather, 4,200 words)
Sometimes, Jake can be a bit slow on the uptake, but once he knows what it is he wants, he goes straight for it.

In The Heat Of Winter (ADULT, Jake/Heather, 2,000 words)
Heather never expected she could be this daring.... A birthday present for [personal profile] tanaqui and another in our Five Times series written in response to Mimi Clarke's Seven Tips For A Better Sex Life.

This Ever Changin' World (Teen, Heather, 800 words)
Heather has never been jealous of the other great love of Jake's life—flying—or tried to stop him taking his plane up. Even when she thinks it's too great a risk.

Spiderman (General, Jake/Heather, Stanley/Mimi, 1,600 words)
Jake gets a scare, Mimi gets an eyeful, and Heather gets the giggles.

On A Woman's Mind (Teen, Jake/Heather/Beck, 1,000 words)
Heather struggles with having to choose between the two men in her life. Written a while ago as a missing scene for [personal profile] tanaqui's Fool's Paradise.

Though The Heavens Should Fall (General, Jimmy, Jake, 3,200 words)
Although most of Jericho remembers Jake Green once beat up the prom king, very few people know the reason why. Written in an attempt to answer both the "Why did Jake beat up the prom king?"-question and explain some of the trust Jimmy shows Jake.

Three Is Company (General, Jake/Heather, 1,900 words)
Heather is behaving strangely, and Jake has no clue what's gotten into her, or how to make it better.

Reorientation (Adult, Beck/Jake, 3,200 words)
Driven by despair, Jake decides to take Edward up on his offer. Much to his surprise, he discovers the experience isn't nearly as unpleasant as expected. Sequel to Tipping Point.

Devil's Due
(Adult, Jake, Heather, Beck, Constantino, 40,000 words)
Constantino once again has Jericho in his sights. In a race against time, Jake and Beck must bury their differences to protect the people they care about. Sequel to Tanaqui's No Good Deed.

The Deeper You Fall (General, Jake, Beck, 1,600 words)
Despite the difference of opinions they’ve had, Jake believed he could trust Beck to do the right thing. Companion piece to The Harder You Try.

Wednesday's Child (General, Jake, Heather, OFC, 2,200 words)
Twenty years in the future, Jake's past catches up with him. Written to explore the trope of adding random female relatives to Jake's life.

Times Like These (General, Jake, Hawkins, 1,900 words)
Jake stands to lose everything when he tries to save the world. Written for the cliche_bingo square "Time Travel".

Alter Ego (General, Heather, 1,100 words)
While Heather is trying make up her mind and choose between Jake and Beck, an unforeseen answer to the conundrum presents itself. Doppelganger cliche, just for the fun of it.

Triage (General, Jake, Anna, 1,400 words)
After Freddy dies, Jake's first priority is to see Anna and her unborn baby safely out of San Diego. Missing scene.

Ace In The Hole (Teen, Jake, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, 1,400 words)
When Sam and Dean Winchester, trapped in a small town overrun by zombies, rescue Jake from the horde, they discover he might offer them the only chance to get out alive. Crossover with Supernatural

In The Bleak Midwinter (Beck, Trish, General, 1,500 words)
During his posting to Columbus after the end of the Second Civil War, Beck unexpectedly runs into an old friend.

Desperate Measures (Jake/Mimi, Adult, 3,500 words)
When her date for a charity dinner stands her up at the last moment, Mimi resorts to desperate measures. Written for Tanaqui.

P.S. I Love You (Emily/Roger, Mack (OC), General, 2,500 words)
When Emily takes delivery of a package from the Red Cross, she doesn't quite expect it will provide both closure for one chapter in her life and the start of another.

A Brand New Sky To Hang The Stars Upon (Jake,Heather, General, 1,600 words)
Companion fic to Times Like These.

Into The Wind (Jake/Heather, General, 5,100 words)
Jake refuses an offer that common sense dictates he should accept, and Heather discovers his long-held dream.

A Traveler's Insurance (Jake, General, 1,500 words)
The story of Jake's medallion.

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady (Jake/Heather, General, 1,900 words)
Sequel to Tanaqui's The Unexpected Mistress. Once Heather finally returns to Jericho, alive and well, Jake isn't about to waste any more time.

Indecent Proposal (Jake/Heather, Teen, 12,300 words)
Em’s new husband, Mack, has set Jake up with a deal with another Texan that should turn Ant Aviation from a fledgling company into a thriving business. However, Jake soon discovers that the job might entail more than he bargained for.

Measure Of A Man (Beck, OC, General, 1800 words)
Beck's right to lead his troops is challenged by the arrival of a liaison from the Texan government who outranks him.

Promises, Promises (Jake, Heather, 100 words)
Tiny sequel to Tanaqui's Tailspin.

A Second Chance For A First Impression (Stanley, Mimi, General, 1,100 words)
Stanley’s none too happy about his new house guest. But then he learns there may be more to Mimi than the snobbish, big-city girl who meets the eye.

When Two Rights Make A Wrong (Chavez, Beck, general, 2,200 words)
After he returns to Jericho with Jake, Chavez—once known as Lt. Parker—knows he'll have to have a talk with his former 'commanding officer', Major Beck. Set within Home Brew.

Body Heat (Jake/Mimi/Stanley, adult, 2,700 words
Getting dragged along on an impromptu hunting trip with Stanley and Jake isn't Mimi's idea of fun. When the cold winter night threatens to keep them all awake, she comes up with a plan. Threesome fic that for the longest time refused to be written.

Unforeseen Consequences (Jake/Beck, teen, 78,000 words)
AU: In a world where the bombs don't go off, Jake leaves Jericho and keeps running.... (posted in two parts)

Unplanned Developments (Jake/Beck, general, 1,100 words)
Set in the Unforeseen Consequences-verse and follows on from Tanaqui's Unexpected Outcomes. Shortly after their reunion, Beck and Jake share an intimate moment of a different kind.

Through The Ashes (Jake, Anna, teen, 138,000 words)
What if Jake had gone with Anna to Houston, as she asked?

Kill Point, The

SNAFU (Just Like Always) (Teen, Jake 'Wolf' Mendez, 1,700 words)
Mendez’s squad had reasons to be mad at the brass even before Fallujah. That much is obvious even to Jake Green, a driver working for independent contractor J&R, when they’re assigned to escort him on a trip to Balad. Crossover with Jericho: Jake meets Jake.

With The Lights Out (Teen, Jake 'Wolf' Mendez, 640 words)
The deadline Wolf gave Captain Cali approaches rapidly, and he'll have to make a decision soon. A short missing scene ficlet that almost got lost...

Pearls Of Wisdom (Adult, Albert 'Pig' Roman/Ashley Beck, 1,370 words)
When Ashley and Pig enter the vault, it takes the other hostages in the main room longer than she expects to make their move. But inspiration strikes for how she can keep Pig distracted. Kinky vault!sex AU.

The Getaway (Adult, Albert/Ashley, Jake/Chloe, 37,000 words)
Three days into the hostage siege at the Three Rivers Trust, Wolf and his men finally manage to escape the police cordon. Fixit fic, because the canonical ending left me dissatisfied.

Magic Of Ordinary Days, The

Sweet Will Of God (General, Ray, 500 words)
Alone on the evening of his wedding day, Ray wonders about the choices he's made and the future that awaits him.

Sisterly Advice (General, Martha, Hank, Ray, 2,100 words)
Martha has always wanted Ray to be happy—even when he goes about finding happiness in not quite the way she expects.

Family Affairs (Ray, Livvy, Rev. Dunne, 3,000 words)
For Christmas 1945, Livvy's sister Abby has determined it's past time Livvy returns to Denver and makes up with her father. This will be Ray's first opportunity to meet with the reverend.


The Darkness Within (Paul, General, 400 words)
First ficlet in a new fandom. Paul has to deal with the fall-out of You Are My Sunshine

Tit For Tat (Alva, Paul, General, 300 words)
Paul's trying to make sense of Raina Bauer.

Under God's Cloud (Victor Krantz, General, 750 words)
After wrapping up the Gretchen Albright murder, Victor Krantz is more convinced than ever there’s more to Paul than meets the eye.

The Magician's Kiss (Paul, Georgia, Alva, General, 3,200 words)
A Western AU written for [community profile] genretwisting's Deadline Challenge 2011.

Mother's Day(Paul, Georgia, Poppi), General, 900 words)
May 1986. Being an orphan doesn't stop Georgia from wanting to celebrate Mother's Day, the same as any other American child.

Sons of Anarchy

Dirty Work (Jax/Tara, teen, 500 words)
This wasn't the way Jax had ever pictured waking up in Tara's bed.

Family Identity (Jax/Tara, teen, 950 words)
Tara tries to figure out what Jax really wants from her.

All A Man Can Ask (Jax/Tara, Teen, 1,700 words)
You never know what you've got until it's gone. Series of missing scenes for 3.12 June Wedding.

Dress-Up (Jax, Tara, General, 1,000 words)
Jax manages to fit in with Tara's world better than she would've expected.

Skin And Ink (Jax/Tara, Teen, 800 words)
Tara discovers that not every injury she tends to is a sign of something bad.

The Pied Piper (Jax, Ensemble, Teen, 1,200 words)
When SAMCRO finds itself buried neck-deep in trouble, Jax has a plan to fix everything. Season 3 missing scene.

Chasing Tail (Tig, Kozik, teen, 1,100 words)
Tig may not trust Kozik enough to let him patch in, but the reverse isn't true. So when Kozik makes plans to move back to Tacoma, he charges Tig with looking after his new girl.

Rescue Dog (Kozik, teen, 600 words)
While working to keep the club's gun business afloat, Kozik acquires a new lady friend. Prequel to Chasing Tail.

Where The Heart Is (Tara, Jax, 1,300 words)
It's been eleven years since Tara last set foot in Charming. But some things never change. Pre-series missing scene

Goes Around Comes Around (Tig, 2,000 words)
After a vengeful woman puts a hex on him, Tig is forced to confront some of his worst memories. A Halloween story.

Alligator In the Elevator (Tig, Murphy, 2,500 words)
After giving Tara the latest news from Belfast, Tig discovers it's not as simple to get out of St. Thomas as he might've expected. Written as a Yuletide Treat.

Visiting Hours (Tig, Kozik, Tara, 300 words)
Within the Club, brothers look after brothers—and that includes Old Ladies, too. Three true drabbles.

The Big Picture (Juice, 800 words)
Juice discovers that some memories are easier to leave behind than others. Season 4 finale coda.

Love In An Elevator (Tig/Margaret, 1,500 words)
Sequel to Alligator In the Elevator. Margaret Murphy has the hots for Tig—or is it the other way round?

Freeze-Out (Tig, Kozik, 3,500 words)
While handling what they expect to be a routine gun delivery, Tig and Kozik find themselves captured and locked up. To survive, they need to work together in ways Tig has never imagined.

Too Close To Call (Tig, Kozik, 1,200 words)
Despite their dogged rivalry, Tig and Kozik had been brothers, too. Written for the SoA comment ficathon.

Play Time (Juice/Carla, Adult, 2,000 words)
For all his misgivings, Juice has reasons of his own not to regret taking Clay to Diosa International.

The Weight Of It (Tig, Tara, General, 1,800 words)
Tig was the last person Tara would've expected to understand her fears, let alone give her advice on how to deal with them.

A New Dawn (Tig, 460 words)
Rescuing a dog wasn't part of the plan, but Tig finds it's the right choice for more reasons than he could have imagined.

Housekeeping (Tig, 750 words, teen)
Although he's no longer wearing the SAA patch, Tig still picks up after the Club's president. Contains reference to (forced) drug use.

To The Victor The Spoils (Kozik, 600 words, general)
Some days, life as a Son can be taxing. And some days, it's a life worth living. Inspired by Tanaqui's ficlet Anticipation.

Caught In A Trap (I Can't Walk Out)(Tig, 800 words, general)
When Bobby gets sick at the most inopportune time, Tig needs to step up to take his place. Written for the bingo square Dress-up and Roleplay.

Window To The Soul (Tig, Kozik, 3,300 words, teen)
While on a job for the Irish, Kozik drags Tig to see a fortune teller. The experience affects Tig more than he's willing to admit. Written for the bingo square Phobias

Hard Shoes To Fill (Tig, Juice, 1,500)
It takes a man with a certain kind of crazy to handle the nastier club jobs. Tig knows Juice is not that guy. Written for the bingo square Injury.

Made You King (Chibs, Jarry, 600)
Jarry brings the club some bad news. First in the ...Made You King-series.

Broken Wings (Teen, Chibs/Jarry, 1,100)
Jarry gains a new understanding of Chibs. 2nd in the ...Made You King-series.

The Crow Still Sings (Teen, Chibs, Lyla, 1,000)
Chibs has no clue where to even start fixing the club. Lyla has an idea. 3rd in the ...Made You King-series.

Changing Tack (Teen, Margaret, 350)
After Tara beats her up, Margaret takes a moment to reflect on her choices. Vignette.

Probable Cause (Teen, Ally Lowen, 1,250)
For Ally Lowen, outlaw lawyer, the unthinkable isn't so far-fetched. Season 6 coda.

These Angels (Tig/Venus, 8,000)
He was a Son, a killer, and a thug. She was a dominatrix providing personal services to kinky clients. Normal didn't exist in the same universe as they did. 4th in the ...Made You King-series.

Grace Denied (Chibs, Jarry, 3,000)
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. It's a lesson Chibs knows all too well. He enlists Jarry's help to make sure Samcro will remember those who've gone before—and avoid repeating their history. 5th in the ...Made You King-series.

All My Sins (Chibs, Jarry, 1,500)
A bike ride leads to surprising discoveries for both Jarry and Chibs. 6th in the ...Made You King-series.

On A Raven's Glide (Chibs/Jarry, 4,000)
Jarry has a surprise for Chibs—and another challenge. 7th in the ...Made You King-series.

Black Bird Calling (Chibs/Jarry, Tig, 9,500)
Jarry needs help solving a case. For reasons of their own, Samcro offer their assistance. When things go wrong and Tig disappears, Jarry fears she may have unleashed a force far worse than the original crime. 8th in the ...Made You King-series.

Hand Of God (Chibs, Jarry, 2,700)
After a brawl at Diosa lands the Sons in lock-up, Chibs and Jarry find themselves at odds about their respective roles in safeguarding Charming's well-being. 9th in the ...Made You King-series.

Always Know, Ever Learn (Chibs, Lyla, Tig, 2,300)
Chibs is making plans for the future of Diosa. Lyla reminds him being king doesn't mean he can decide everyone's fate. 10th in the ...Made You King-series.

The Lost King (Chibs/Jarry, 18,500)
When an outsider brings trouble into Charming, all Chibs and Jarry want to do is protect the things and people they care about. But their different ideas about what needs protecting and how to do that put them on a collision course. 11th in the ...Made You King-series.

Children Of Their Fathers (Chibs, Lyla, 1,400)
Ten years after Jax's death, Chibs has settled comfortably into the club's presidency. Epilogue to the ...Made You King-series.

No Going Back (Kozik, Ally, 3,000)
Tig's first Nay was painful, but didn't come as a surprise to Kozik. His second Nay, however, cut deep. Kozik seeks out an old friend who may understand, and quickly discovers you can never go back to the way things were before. Prologue to the stories in the Two Brothers-verse.

Semper Fi (Tig, Kozik, 27,000)
Tig has dedicated his life to the Sons, and the club comes first, always. But when an old buddy needs his help, he suddenly finds his loyalties are divided. Part of the Two Brothers-verse.

Learning The Ropes (Tig, Kozik, 4,100)
Two weeks after he hired Kozik as a mechanic at Teller-Morrow, Clay sends Tig on a repo run and orders him to take the "new guy" along to show him the ropes. Only problem is, the job's in Oakland and Tig isn't sure taking Kozik back to his old stomping grounds so soon is such a good idea. Part of the Two Brothers-verse.

Longing (Tig, Kozik, 1,100)
Kozik's not as good at hiding his thoughts or feelings from Tig as he thinks he is. Part of the Two Brothers-verse.

Priceless (Tig, Kozik, 2,500)
Kozik's chance to ride again comes sooner than expected. Part of the Two Brothers-verse.

Ready To Ride (Tig, Kozik, 4,000)
The day Kozik has worked toward to for months has come at last: his bike is ready to ride. And with working wheels, he also has the chance to make another dream come true. Part of the Two Brothers verse.

More Than Meets The Eye (Kozik, Tig, 24,500)
With the longed-for Prospect cut on his back at last, Kozik has twelve months to prove he's got what it takes to be Samcro. When a protection run that was supposed to be easy goes wrong, he gets the chance to show the club what he can bring to the table. Part of the Two Brothers verse.

Stargate Atlantis

Lemons For Lemonade (General, Rodney, 800 words)
Rodney finds himself stuck in a transporter, along with his worst enemy. Another [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo fic.


Journey's End (General, Sam, Dean, Sarah Blake, 18,000 words)
Never in his wildest dreams did Sam imagine he'd live to see the day that Dean quoted Shakespeare.

Lost And Found (General, Dean, 1,600 words)
Dean has never noticed anything special about his amulet. But when he loses it during a hunt, he feels compelled to go back for it. Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen, for [livejournal.com profile] mamaesme's prompt 4. Dean's amulet protects him

The Writing On The Wall (General, Bobby, Dean, 600 words)
Recent events have forced Bobby to give up writing the names of the fallen on his wall of heroes. But when it's family dying in the war against Lucifer, he feels the need to pass the task on to someone else. Sequel to Unsung Heroes.

Bottled Up (General, Bobby, 1700 words)
Bobby's greatest wish is to be able to walk again.

Ace In The Hole (Teen, Jake Green, Sam, Dean, 1,400 words)
When Sam and Dean, trapped in a small town overrun by zombies, rescue Jake Green from the horde, they discover he might offer them the only chance to get out alive. Crossover with Jericho

So Let It Be Written (Sam, Dean, Bobby, General, 3,000 words)
Sam discovers one of Bobby’s secrets.

At Least Say Hello (Lisa, General, 1,000 words)
Dean Winchester isn't so easily forgotten, an episode tag for 6.21 Let It Bleed

The Lost Ones (Sam, Dean, OCs, Teen, 25,500 words)
With less than a year to live, Dean is worried about his brother. Sam seems determined to stop at nothing to break Dean's deal, no matter the consequences. And then there's the doubt Azazel planted in Dean's mind: is the Sam who was brought back still fully his brother? When Sam persuades Dean to check out a seemingly routine case involving hikers disappearing in the Cascades, Dean finds his worst fears are apparently about to come true.... Written for [livejournal.com profile] casestory.

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